Thinking about making a change at work? Let your employees know about it!

by prmorris|October 11, 2018

Change is a fear that is always present within a company in one way or another.  Some employees embrace change, however, many do not. This fear is brought on because of the change, at first, does not address how that change will affect the individual or the group?  One might think… “Will I still have a job when this change happens?” Rumors start to circulate, facts get distorted and much more.  This is because many times no one knows not only what will happen when the change begins and most of the time they do not even know what the change is and why it is happening.

I know that some of the changes cannot be completely transparent at first because of the impact on competition, customers, and employees. The reasons are that all facets of the change are not refined in the very beginning. However, I am a firm believer in letting the company know that a change is coming and generally let them know the purpose.  I have worked with companies that were instituting changes for the good of the company, their customers and their employees.  However, because these companies were already strong and doing well financially, the employees could not understand why changes were needed.  When the reason(s) for these changes were made known to the entire company the employees were relieved.  The changes were being made to add different products to the company’s offerings to reach into a different market (new customers) with new products.  In each case, the changes were to lead to expansions with the companies involved.

Knowledge can be a powerful tool when it comes to change. Sometimes we get caught up in secrecy that leads to fear and unrest.  We do not need to do this.  We do need to b as transparent as possible so that there is no or little impedance during the change process.

Remember, change is fear to many unless the change comes with some enlightenment for all.

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