The Importance of Team Building in the Workplace

by prmorris|November 15, 2018

In the article “12 Tips for Team Building in the Workplace” by Susan Heathfield, she talks about the employees contributing to the overall success of the business.  The team (employees) can help build a better business for owners, employees, and customers. The more that the business works as a team, the better the operation.

Team building in the workplace significantly contributes to employee motivation and building trust among the employees, thereby ensuring better productivity. These (the 12 Cs) are some common team hot buttons to improve communication, success and team performance.

What are some team building skills? The ability to build cohesive working units is a highly valued skill for most employers. Team building is a process by which individual members of a department or interdepartmental group are encouraged to develop a more collaborative working relationship. The company must have the employees with the right attitude to contribute and be a part of the company’s culture and team.

A great example of teamwork can be seen in an ant colony.  Just like the photo, ants must work together to get things done (Pinterest.com). The ants apparently realize the task cannot be completed by just one ant, therefore many ants must get together to accomplish this.

Ants – they seem like the most insignificant of critters. Truth is, they’re highly intelligent – and we can learn a thing or two from them…

An ant’s lifestyle is organized around their colony. Their colony is a family unit, which is eusocial -the term ‘eusociality’ refers to the highest level of order, organization, and structure of animal sociality. The colony has castes that accompany certain roles and divisions in responsibilities.

Ants have the ability to organize their colonies, or supercolonies – across enormous expanses of land. One of the largest ant supercolonies in the world is located beneath the Mediterranean, stretching over 6,004km. Another supercolony located on The Ishikari coast of Japan contained an estimated 306 million ants working in conjunction with one another within 45,000 interconnected nests underground.

The human race considers itself far intellectually superior to any species, ants included – however whilst ants are establishing supercolonies across Southern Europe… it seems we have trouble cooperating and compromising within in a partnership let alone a team of diverse individuals. The attachment below – is of a video in which a colony of ants links together during a flood, using their bodies to create a raft and ensure the safety of the colony – which ultimately endured as the destruction subsided.

If an ant can selflessly commit itself to overcome challenges and purposefully integrate into a supercolony – then why can’t we get the hang of it?

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