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Leadership Seminars

P.R. Morris Consulting will be offering a Leadership Seminar Series through a new partnership – CM Training & Develop.

This new 9-part Leadership Seminar Series is a collaboration between our principal, Peter Morris; fellow business coach, Jack Colocousis; and Trocaire College.

Each 2-hour seminar is $45 and each 4-hour seminar is $65. All seminars can be taken individually or as a complete sequence.

All seminars will be held at Trocaire College, 6681 Transit Road, in Williamsville, N.Y.

Online registration is now open.

2020 Seminars

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (EQ 1)

March 7, 2020, 9 am-1 pm,  Room 114.

This is a pre-requisite to LD 1.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is all about relationships, your relationship with others as well as with yourself and is a driving component in a great Leader. Daniel Goleman’s book, “Emotional Intelligence” provides a solid foundation from which to become the Leader that companies seek. This is a 4-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • Learning the EQ competencies: Self-awareness; Self-management; Social awareness; Relationship Management, Empathy
  • Discovering and understanding of your own EQ competencies.
  • Learning to use the many Leadership styles in order to increase your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Managing your emotions.
  • How to motivate yourself as well as others.
  • Knowing when and how to use the Leadership techniques of EQ in different situations.
  • Learn how to create a culture that gets results using relationships, social skills, and their strengths.

Who should attend? Senior Leaders/managers who need to improve their personal & their company’s performance.

Cost is $65

Leadership (LD 1)-An Introduction for Developing Leaders

March 14, 2020, 9 am-1 pm, Room 114

This is a pre-requisite to LD-2

This 4-hour seminar is designed to introduce the untrained individual who has not yet entered the sometimes-uncomfortable world of supervision. You want to become a leader but are you ready? The seminar will go into detail on best-practices for supervision and leadership, including mistakes not to be made.  Discover the heart, soul, and mind of true leadership, what people expect from you as well as respect in you as a leader.

This seminar explores:

  • What you will want/need to become a Leader.
  • What makes a Leader?
  • The challenges and opportunities of a Leader.
  • Your Leadership style and adapting to the needs of others.
  • Developing key relationships.
  • Examining your roles as a strategic coach, mentor, manager, communicator, and team leader.
  • Attitude, behavior, superiority, ego and understanding your reports.

Who Should Attend? Managers who are potential candidates for a Leadership role.

Cost is $65

Leadership (LD 2)-Advanced Leadership Skills

March 21, 2020, 9 am-1 pm, Room 114

This is a pre-requisite to LD-2

In this 4-hour seminar, you will be exposed to the skills a Leader should possess and use.  Skills such as vision, the ability to work with your team, motivating employees, handling the different styles of Leadership theories and how to be resilient will be examined.  We will engage in the fundamental concepts of Leadership and the difference between Leadership and management. This seminar is also designed for the person who possibly has been performing the responsibility of a supervisor and may lack the confidence or knowledge to determine whether decisions are right or wrong.

Other topics include:

  • Leadership requirements for the 21st century.
  • What is a Leader?
  • Personal and business ethics and values.
  • Leadership strategies.
  • Decision making.
  • The importance of open communications and practicing your communications strategies using your verbal and non-verbal methods.
  • How to create and develop your Leadership plan.
  • How to make confident decisions.
  • Implementation of change & avoiding its barriers.
  • How you as a leader can develop a cohesive team as opposed to just a group of individuals.

Who should attend? Mid-level managers/executives who lead others with managerial responsibility and the desire to increase their awareness of what they are tasked to do.

Cost is $65

Soft Skills-Business Relationship Building (SS 1)

March 24, 2020, 7 pm-9 pm, Room 209

Soft Skills are a must if you, as a successful Leader, want to work toward your company becoming greater. Today’s workplace has evolved into an interpersonal dynamic that can’t be ignored. The acts of listening, presenting ideas, resolving conflict, and fostering an open and honest work environment all come down to knowing how to build and maintain relationships with people. These relationships allow people to participate fully in team projects, show appreciation for others, and enlist support for those projects. This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be learned then how to apply are:

  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Effective listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivation
  • Delegating
  • Positivity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Creativity
  • Feedback
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility

Who should attend? This seminar is very helpful to anyone such as a Leader, supervisor, manager or employee who wants to improve their relationship-building in the workplace and beyond.

Cost is $45.

Effective Presentation Skills (PS 1)

March 31, 2020, 7 pm-9 pm, Room 209

The ability to make presentations is extremely critical in the business environment. Whether a presentation is made to peers, supervisors or subordinates, your reputation, promotability and career growth depends partly on this ability. This seminar will concentrate on how to prepare your presentation well in advance. It will include your plan and attention to detail prior to giving your presentation. This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • This seminar will cover the use of visual aids and support materials as well as what to do and what not to do.
  • Skills will be stressed as well as delivery and knowing your audience.
  • You will learn how to tailor your presentation to your audience.
  • You will learn relaxation techniques to get rid of your nervousness.
  • You will learn how to use your “right voice” as well as non-verbal language & pausing to make your point.
  • You will learn how to encourage participation.
  • How to handle difficult questions and communicate with conviction.
  • How to prepare and how to comfortably refer to your notes.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who gives any type of presentation in front of a group, no matter how large or small.

Cost is $45.

Teamwork (TW 1)

April 4, 2020, 9 am-11 am, Room 114

A team is a group of people who share a common goal and are committed to working together to achieve that goal. Teamwork creates synergy. Teamwork also supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints that may prevent someone from doing their job properly. It encourages multi-disciplinary work where teams cut across organizational divides. It fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change. Teamwork promotes achievement, equity, and camaraderie. When managed properly, teamwork is a better way to be productive! This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • Characteristics of a Successful Team and the various dysfunctions of a team.
  • Identify a successful team leader.
  • How to collaborate.
  • Working Together.
  • Not cohesive Teams.

Who Should Attend? Leaders, managers, supervisors who want to implement teamwork or those who want to improve their existing teams’ output.

Cost is $45.

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking (PSCT 1)

April 7, 2020, 7 pm-9 pm, Room 209

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking can demonstrate clear pathways to creating better solutions to many obstacles so that you can move forward more quickly and with a better mindset.  You will be able to generate higher quality ideas and solve the most difficult problems facing your company. Learn to ask the right questions at the right time and hear from others with an open mind without pre-judging. This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • Learn what makes a critical thinker effective
  • Learn the critical thinking skills and how to use them
  • Learn the critical thinking tools that are available to you
  • Can you identify the process of critical thinking in your company?
  • What part does critical thinking play in your company?
  • Learn the necessary steps of problem-solving and how to solve the problem(s)

Who Should Attend?  Leaders, supervisors, and managers who want better results for their company by thinking differently.

Cost is $45.

Coaching & Mentoring (CM 1)

April 18, 2020, 9 am-11 am, Room 114

A major responsibility and obligation of a supervisor/leader is to develop their direct reports.  The two components of this process are by coaching and mentoring on a continual basis. Coaching and Mentoring are important programs for all companies because the end goal is to make the employee more effective, productive and committed to her/his job and the company. Job performance improves greatly as does the quality of your products and services. This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • Learn how to define and plan your personal goals, confronting and solving problems
  • Determine the frequency of your coaching sessions
  • Learn how to build mutual trust in order to gain agreement on important decisions
  • Coaching and mentoring will allow you to avoid or solve many of the problems
  • Coaching & Mentoring is an opportunity to encourage greater performance.

Who Should Attend?  Managers and supervisors who need to improve team results.

Cost is $45.

Adapting and Implementing Change in the Workplace (AIC 1)

April 21, 2020, 7 pm-9 pm, Room 209

Change in the workplace is one of the major creators of stress if not implemented with thought. Change for change’s sake is usually toxic and can lead to a total disruption of morale. All the components. must be considered when implementing change or failure will result.  These components are Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources, Communication and an action plan. Changes in a company are necessary and important, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment. Whether changes occur in technology, evolving customer needs or content and economic changes, companies need to adapt. This is a 2-hour seminar.

Topics to be included:

  • You will learn how to identify affected employees and processes
  • You will learn the process of change and how to involve employees from the beginning
  • You learn how to handle employee questions such as: “Why do we have to change?”; “How will my job change?”; “Will I have a job?”

Who Should Attend? C-Level executives, managers, supervisors and other key personnel who will be involved with the implementation of the change.

Cost is $45.