Leadership 101: It’s time to communicate!

by prmorris|October 3, 2018

The qualities that a good/great leader must have are of the utmost importance to leading people and their company. A good/great leader’s passion enables her/him to instill in people to do what they thought they could not. This, of course, is the inspiration that a leader brings to the employees. Having the vision and trust to really communicate with employees and business partners are traits that a good leader must exhibit continuously to move her/his company forward in today’s world.

What I mean by vision and trust to communicate with employees and business partners is to know them and what they are capable of and to what extent their quality is involved. Know how to talk to your employees so that you can get to know each of them.  Knowing capabilities can improve the company’s productivity, product quality, and customer relations.  The “knowing” will enable you, as a leader, to put the right people in the right position.

In addition to vision, a good/great leader must have the commitment to the company, the employees and the customers. The commitment to do things right and to follow through to make certain that it is the right thing to do for the good of the company and the customers. Part of this commitment is the empowerment of the employees and a commitment that not all leaders are comfortable with.  Be comfortable with it only after you know your employees. This empowerment needs to be defined so that everyone is clear about what this means and thus ensures consistency among all.

Creativity and innovation are so important today to stay ahead of the competition and, each needs to be in a way that positively impacts customers. Customers usually look for something better, different and innovative from the marketplace.

In summary, a great leader must be honest, have integrity and be confident in what she/he is doing.  Although there are other qualities that a leader must have, the underlined ones I this article are very important. Lead by example and always have that example with you and you will succeed!

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