At P.R. Morris Consulting, LLC we care about empowering business owners, sustainable development and making a difference. Sometimes we are a coach and trainer helping a business get better and sometimes we are a matchmaker finding the right partner, investor or distributor. We help companies grow and master change to make a difference to your company.

Working together with our client/partners is essential for turning challenges into opportunities for our clients. We provide Business Consulting, Professional Business Training and Coaching as well as Strategic Planning. Our dedication helps you develop your business plan and strategy, understand your customers, define your brand, create powerful marketing solutions and improve your processes.

Small businesses today have the opportunities that previously only large multinational companies had. Our consultants analyze market opportunities, improve our clients’ business and business strategy.

Our services of Business Consulting, Training, Coaching and Planning, combined with our extensive experience and innovative thinking allows us to help you plan for today and achieve tomorrow’s goals. At PRMC we make it our priority to know your business throughout. That knowledge allows us to work with you to provide personal, responsive service and high quality work.

About Peter Morris, Principal

Peter Morris began his business career enhancing his training skills at the Xerox Corporation and the Harland Company where he refined these skills through their Sales and Management Training Programs and the famed PSS programs. He then established his own consulting and training company, P.R. Morris Consulting, LLC in 1980, concentrating in the corporate field with Leadership, Management and Sales Training as well as Strategic Planning and expanding to what the company does at present. Peter founded and successfully operated four companies, including PRMC.