When PRMC was established, one of our main goals included working with clients on a face-to-face basis to understand their business. It still remains so today. This is important in order to design a meaningful consulting strategy as well as delivering customized training programs to maximize the impact for our clients’ employees and the company in a positive manner. We accomplish this through our consulting, training, coaching and strategic planning as well as communicating with the client’s leaders.

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With a bird's eye view we help you define short and long term goals and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company to create the foundation for future growth and prosperity.

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Train your work force to acquire knowledge, soft skills to serve customers and clients in the best way possible to move your company forward.

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People are the most valuable asset in your company. We help executive and management personnel who lead your company develop their leadership skills and vision.

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What Our Client's Say

Colleen Cummings
Colleen Cummings
I am writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am for the workshops you have conducted for our customers. In alignment with the organization’s objectives and the proposal for specific workforce development issues to be covered, you were able to accommodate our requests and customize workshops that comprehensively addressed the most urgent needs of our unemployed clientele. I was impressed with how easily and thoughtfully you were able to convey such sensitive and important information to our customers. You have exceeded our expectations, and I am very appreciative of your work and performance.
Alissa Shugats-Cummings
Alissa Shugats-Cummings
Your broad knowledge of business etiquette and appropriate professional conduct were presented well, and the scope of your knowledge was impressive in that it was technical and direct, but also very practical. I was thoroughly impressed with the materials you provided in support of the presentation, especially the quizzes, which were engaging to the students on another level. In fact, your PowerPoint presentation, supporting handouts, and face-to-face demonstrations with the student audience appealed to all learning styles. I truly believe this made the event extremely successful. We will definitely look forward to having you back again.